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Dr. Morepen’s Home Health is an exclusive and national brand for self-healthcare in India. We from Dr.Morepen offer a comprehensive range of high quality and reliable health care and Health monitoring devices.

All our products find excellent attraction to people having one or more of the following characteristics or can be an IDEAL GIFT to:

  • Busy Professionals proactive and health conscious
  • Middle aged and elderly with age related health problems
  • Disease related like - Diabetics, Hypertension, Overweight and cardiac.
  • Medical Professionals.
Dr Morepen Health Monitoring Products
Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor Scale Dr Morepen Blood Glucose Monitor
Accumam Blood Pressure Monitor Easy Gluco Blood Sugar Monitor
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Gluco Monitor with 10 strips

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Gluco One Blood Sugar Monitor
Dr Morepen Weighing Scale Dr Morepen Thermometer & Other Products
Body Fat + Weighing Scale MS 2550 Digital Thermometer Classic
Analog Weighing Machine Digital Thermometer Flexi Tip
Digital Weighing Machine DS 01 Body Massager
Digital Weighing Machine DS 02 Heating Pad
Digital Weighing Machine DS 03 Nebulizer
Digital Weighing Machine DS 04  
Digital Weighing Machine DS 05 Dr Morepen Isabgol
Digital Weighing Machine DS 06 Fibre-X Sat-Isabgol 100% Pure Psyllium Husk
Digital Weighing Machine DS 07
Digital Weighing Scale MS 8604
Digital Weighing Machine MS 03